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Six major trends in the automotive aftermarket are related to future investment directions

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The development of the Internet is much faster than traditional industries. As the last industrial gold mine, the Internet has spared no effort in penetrating the automobile industry. However, in the past few years, the Internet has only been in the field of marketing, public relations and communication. In the next few years, it will penetrate into the fields of products, sales, after-sales, used cars, insurance and finance. Based on the introduction of the six major trends in the automotive aftermarket, this article will discuss the three directions for the Internet to accelerate the fast-repair chain of automobiles, hoping to provide references for friends who are starting businesses in this field.
There are six trends in the Chinese automotive aftermarket that deserve attention:
01The market scale is showing explosive growth
The explosive growth of new cars in recent years will fully enter the aftermarket in the next few years, and the demand for accessories and services will be strong. However, the 4S system has experienced weak growth in the past five years, and it has been unable to meet the annual increase of 20 million. First-tier cities such as purchase restrictions, travel restrictions, and relocation policies have led to the decline in second-hand car prices in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. There are more new cars in first- and second-tier cities and a strong 4S system. Older models in the third, fourth, and fifth-tier markets will continue to increase, and car owners are less willing to buy insurance and maintain If it is not timely, the maintenance force is weak, and there are many innovation opportunities in the aftermarket. In addition, the market share of high-end cars is increasing. Such car owners are generous in spending. The business opportunity to specialize in this type of car should not be missed. The emergence of a large number of scrapped vehicles has made business opportunities in the parts remanufacturing industry appear ahead of schedule.
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